Losing Off Weight While Breast Feeding: Here are Tips to Achieve It!

Breast feeding is a nutritional way of providing the proper nourishment to an infant. Normally, breast milk is given from infant stage up to the toddler age. Knowing the fact that breast feeding provides numerous benefits for both the mother and the child, still, this process of feeding your infant in a healthy way remains a personal decision of the mother. Moreover, there are lots of studies that connects breast feeding and weight loss with each other.

If you are a mom-to-be and want to achieve a great body immediately after giving birth, well, you are very much on the right track my friend. Here, all the information about breast feeding and weight loss will be discussed. We will also give you useful tips on how to lose baby weight quickly while breast feeding. But, before we jump out to that, first, let’s begin on discussing about breast feeding and the benefits of it.

Knowing the ABC’s of Breast Feeding

A – Awareness

You should be aware if your baby needs to be breast feed. You should look for any signs that he/she is hungry. The signs that infants are already hungry include but not limited to moving their hands towards their mouth, making noises of sucking, movements of mouth, or sometimes, they move their head towards your breast.

Once you notice any signs of hunger, breast feed the right away. Do not let or wait for the infant to cry. At the first few weeks after giving birth, you may have at least 8 to 12 times of breast feeding for every 24 hours.

B – Be patient

Breast feeding takes a lot of patience. And you should breast feed your kids every time he/she wants. Generally, breast feeding takes about 10 to 20 minutes on each side of the mother’s breast.

C – Comfort

Along with patience, a breast feeding mom should know the basic position in feeding her baby. This way, both you and your baby would be comfortable and feel relaxed during breast feeding. Also, being in a comfortable position and being relaxed lets your milk to flow.

Benefits of Breast Feeding

For the Baby

During breast feeding your baby gets all the nutritional needs that he/she needs. To be able to grow, the baby needs an excellent blend of vitamins, combined with proteins and fats. All of these nutrients can be found in breast milk. Moreover, breast milk has antibodies which support the baby in fighting for the bad bacteria and viruses.

It can also lower the risk of the baby to acquire allergies and asthma. Ear infections, illnesses of the respiratory system, and diarrhea can also be prevented by an infant who exclusively fed with breast milk alone at the first six months of his/her life. You can also eliminate the visit to the doctor for check-up due to baby’s illness.

The baby who is breast fed have the right body weight in connection to his/her age. They have weight higher than normal or weight lower than normal. Furthermore, the greatest benefit of breast feeding is the ultimate bond that can be developed between the mother and the baby. The skin-to-skin contact as well as the eye contact during breast feeding gives the baby the best feeling of security.    

For the Mother

Breast feeding helps the mother to burn out those calories. Due to this, it can help the mother how to lose baby weight quickly during breast feeding. There are also studies that show that breast feeding decreases the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Osteoporosis can also be prevented through the help of breast feeding.

Breast feeding your infant is very economical and time consuming at the same time. You can save your money because you don’t need to purchase and measure infant formula. Also, you can save your time to sterilize and warm feeding bottles. Moreover, you can develop more time to bond with your precious child.

The Connection between Breast Feeding and Weight Loss

Definitely, you will lose weight and return to your body faster if you decide to breast feed. How to lose baby weight quickly during breast feeding? During breast feeding, a specific hormone in your body is released. This hormone is the reason that the uterus muscle contracts.

So, every time you had a breast feeding schedule with baby, your uterus starts to contract again and shrink back little by little to its original size. For continuously doing this, definitely by six weeks time after giving birth, your uterus will be back to its size. And along with this, you will achieve a slimmer belly. 

Moreover, in order for your body to produce breast milk during breast feeding, an average of extra 500 calories is needed per day. Sources of extra calories are the everyday food intake and the stored fats in your body. Making use of the stored fats in your body is one way on how to lose baby weight quickly during breast feeding.

How to Lose Baby Weight Quickly during Breast Feeding

Breast feeding and weight loss after birth giving should be planned in a very systematic way. In order for you to perform breast feeding and weight loss simultaneously, here are useful tips and insights on how to lose baby weight quickly during breast feeding.

1. Continue for proper and nutritious food intake.

You should need to continue your proper food intake. Do not starve yourself for dieting or weigh loss purposes as this may reduce your weight immediately in an unhealthy way. Also, keep in mind that proper food intake will help a lot in your milk production.

Moreover, smaller meals are much more preferable. Smaller meals intake at a regular intervals helps to keep and make your stomach full. This way, you may avoid cravings between your meals. It is also recommended that your meals are high on nutrients.  However, it is much better to consult advice of a dietician to provide you with the right daily needs as you are breast feeding.

Below is a healthy food guide that you might consider during breast feeding. This plan will ensure that your baby gets the right nutrients that he/she needs. Also, because of this plan, you will also be on track for your weight loss plan.


Carbohydrates and proteins

This group includes a proper blend of food that has a high amount of carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates provide your body with the energy that you need to do the everyday activities. On the other hand, proteins are an important component for child’s development and bone growth.<br>


Intake of fats is vital in nourishing the child’s body. The kind of fats that is good for consumption is the mono-saturated and polyunsaturated fats. You should not consume trans-fats and saturated fats.<br>

Iron and Vitamin C

Food sources like leafy greens, dried fruits, whole grains, and beans are excellent provider of iron in your diet. Moreover, vitamin C can be found on citrus fruits, strawberries, tomato, and bell pepper. Iron and vitamin C help your body to have an improve immunity and give nutrients to your child.<br>


Fish is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids which is very crucial in the eyes and brain development.

Whole foods

Fruits and vegetables are fiber rich foods that should not be eliminated in your diet.

2. Avoid foods that are not nutritious

If there are recommended foods during breast feeding, there are also foods that you need to avoid. The foods that you must not eat are the following:

  • Avoid spicy foods as this may upset the stomach of your child.
  • Junk food should also be prevented
  • Included in the list are caffeinated drinks
  • Alcohol consumption is a must not to be consumed
  • There are some vegetables that should be eaten like cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli.

3. Take daily supplementation of vitamins

Vitamins aid in enhancing and boosting the body’s immunity. It supports the body in calcium absorption and reduces the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.  

4. Have a plenty of water intake

To keep you hydrated and losing some of your weight, lots of water intake is the best way to achieve it. Not only that, we all know the fact that water helps in proper digestion and wash out toxins inside the body. Consuming lots of water while breast feeding is very important.

5. Constantly breast feed your child

Repeated breast feeding will continuously generate milk. This milk production uses the stored fats in your body, thus, burning out lots of calories. There are studies that show that frequent breast feeding and longer than six months breast feeding has a higher probability of weight loss.

6. Engage yourself on a simple activity plan.

While breast feeding, you need to begin with just a simple exercise that are not too vigorous on your body. Simple exercise plan may include moderate walking for about 20 to 30 minutes together with your baby. A gradual increase to intensify the exercise habit may do so.

But, be mindful when engaging even in a simple exercising plan because it may even burn out too much calories. Remember, you need extra calories during your breast feeding. So, you may burn calories and lose weight even without those weight loss programs.

Having a baby and engaging in breastfeeding makes losing weight difficult for most moms. The process, whether exercising or dieting, should be safe for both the mother and the baby. However, exercising with your little one is fun, while very challenging as well. You may even do so without leaving your baby at home.

The best and exciting thing that you might do is to put your baby safely into his/her carrier. Then, carefully walk briskly around the house while carrying hand weights. Walking helps in reducing the baby weights in a healthy way. To add up the hand weights that may support your walking in achieving your fitness goal.

Simple Exercise Using Hand Weights

We searched and looked for the best hand weights that can help mommies like you to lose weight while feeding your little one. This product may help you return your pre-pregnancy body back in shape in a very safe, natural, and healthy way. So, to help you choose for a good hand weights to add up in your daily exercise routine, here are the 2 top picks for the best hand weights for breastfeeding moms.

Hand Weights Top Picks

» Neoprene Dumbbell «


This hand weight product is available in different colors. The colors depend on the weight of the dumbbell that you want to use. In short, Neoprene Dumbbell uses a color-coding scheme.

This bright color-coded hand weight is coated with a durable coating which gives a comfortable grip. Because of this, the palm of the hand may not acquire calluses. Neoprene dumbbell weights from 1 up to 20 pounds which is excellent for achieving the total health, proper posture, and managing body weight.

Moreover, the durable hand weight is applicable for different types of workouts. It greatly suits for doing yoga, having your cardio, engaging in aerobics and endurance-building exercises. Using this product, you may achieved a flat abs, firmed arms, and a toned back.

Other advantages:

If you are after a convenient, compact and versatile weights, well, this may fit for you. It’s hexagonal style prevents the dumbbell to roll over. This design also gives the product the ease to store it up with just a minimal stacking area.

Another advantage of making use of this design is that you can move the gym to your home. This is because the dumbbell is perfect for use at home, in the garden, or even at travel. Made with an excellent quality iron, the dumbbell set did not easily break or bend even after continued use.

Also, it comes with a free e-book which covers the proper techniques and ways in executing this product. Having a complete e-book guide, you may also experience like having a professional trainer. This product is designed in the US.

Usually, this item is sold in pairs. Through this, Neoprene dumbbell supports an individual in doing exercises that trims down calories. A hand weight that is so durable, this item is also good for therapy of orthopedic cases. So, if you long for a lean and perfect fit body, this hand weight deserves two thumbs up.


  • Available in 12 sizes of pairs
  • The hexagonal shape caters a non-slip design
  • Color coding scheme
  • The number in the hand weights is very readable


  • The stand needs to assemble

» SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbell «


Coated with vinyl material, this durable, color-coded dumbbell is marked on both ends to easily identify each weight. Moreover, the vinyl coating allows an easy and comfortable grip. This also makes the product good on the floor and very convenient to clean.

The vinyl material also protects the hand weight from breakage and wear-and-tear after an excessive use. It is also made with a high grade quality material that is very suitable for use in the gym. Also, this product are very flexible and durable that allows for even up to 100 times using or application.

What’s nice with this durable vinyl coated dumbbell is that it is a light weight item. And the sizes are available in smaller variety. Usually, it ranges from 1 pound up to 10 pounds in weight, which is very much suitable for individuals with smaller grips. However, it is also available in weights greater than 10 pounds up to 20 pounds.

Other features:

Its durability is perfectly fit to those individual who undergoes a simple walking, training, or aerobics. Even for workouts in groups like jogging, general exercises, yoga routines or physical therapy, this dumbbell really works best. With just simply holding it in the hands while walking, it enhances the shedding off of calories producing a firm and lean muscles.

Usually, it is sold only in pairs. The weights are generally available to help you create a customized or personalized exercise or fitness routine. Further, to aid in making your own routine, vibrant color shades are used to make this item very appealing.

Because of its excellent features and benefits, it caters a high quality product great for various health and fitness routines. Also, due to its idea of rubber resistance material, this product is an excellent solution for those who wants to achieve a slimmer body. Moreover, this deluxe dumbbell is a perfect fit for everyone and for achieving every health and fitness goal.


  • Offers a comfortable and easy to grip material
  • The weight markers follow a color coding scheme
  • Very ideal to different types of workout
  • Lightweight and very durable


  • The product emits a rubbery smell upon storing

Knowing this, we hope that you might end up having a better idea and come up with the best and safest way to trim down your baby weights while breastfeeding. Just remember, it is still best to let breastfeeding do its job in reducing your weight naturally. But, you may do this in conjunction to it, as long as it does not put you and your baby at risk.

The Cons of Breast Feeding and Weight Loss

Breast feeding is very good for both the child and the mother. Moreover, weight loss of a mother is also a part of the breast feeding process. However, for some reason and time, some mother loses too much weight very fast. And, this case is not that good for you and for your child.

Losing weight that is greater than the normal weight loss during breast feeding may result to either a lower supply of breast milk or breast milk having lack of nutrients. Moreover, excessive loss of weight after giving birth can also make you feel exhausted.

However, this excessive weight loss can be handled down with some control. Thus, there are some medical reasons behind this case of losing weight that you cannot avoid. Below are some reasons behind this excessive weight loss.

1. You do not get enough calories

To be able to produce a healthy and nutritious supply of breast milk, you need to have enough calories. You not only need this particularly, but your baby needed it the most. A healthy milk is very vital for your baby’s health. So calories is very much needed even if you are not losing weight while breastfeeding.

Calories come from the food that you eat. While breast feeding, remember that it is a no-no to go after a diet regimen or take any weight loss pills. Thus, it is also not a good idea to trim down the amount of calories that you consume each day. Rather, ensure that you are consuming lots of healthy foods to give you the enough calories that you need.

2. Overdoing weight loss

Having a child and engaging in breast feeding, most moms tend to forget to take care of their selves. If you think that you already lose excessive weight, then have a rest for a minute and think for the amount that you are losing. Keep in mind that it is very much vital to take enough time to eat the right food. Also, plenty of water is very much needed together with enough sleep.  

3. Thyroid gland’s hyperactivity

Hyperthyroidism is a condition that clinically affects the thyroid gland. When the thyroid gland has been hyperactive after giving birth, losing weight in an excessive amount will be developed. Further, you may also experience palpitations, restlessness, exhaustion, difficulty sleeping, and eye problems. Also included is the abundant production of breast milk. Fortunately, there are ways to treat this problem. Just consult a medical advice for a safe treatment for breast feeding moms.

Losing weight and bringing back your pre-pregnancy body after delivery of the baby is very much challenging. In addition, patience and self-control are important keys to have when you want to shake away those fats especially when you are breast feeding. Remember that engaging yourself in a crash diet and losing weight immediately are not healthy options. Better to continue providing a healthy and nutritious supply of breast milk to your child while having a plan of decreasing your baby weight in a healthy way.

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Losing Off Weight While Breast Feeding: Here are Tips to Achieve It!

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