Wondering How to Shed Off Fats While You Sleep? Here are Sleeping Positions and Food Suggestions for You!

Losing fats takes a lot of time and effort to successfully achieved it. There are various exercises and dieting tips that may help in the acquisition of this desire. After this week-long season of celebration, lots of calories added up to our body. As part of the New Year’s resolution of most of us, shedding off those fats are included in the list. But, did you know that aside from exercising and dieting, there is food that burns fat while you sleep?

Yes, you heard it right! In fact, while we sleep we unconsciously burn out those calories. However, fats and calories are also burned out depending on our sleeping position. Wondering which sleeping position burns the most calories? Well, just stay with us and keep reading to discover this amazing fat burning process.


How does sleeping help to burn fats?

Food that burns fat while you sleep

  • Tryptophan-rich food
  • Tea
  • Whole Grain
  • Protein shake
  • Wine

The sleeping position that burns the most calories

  • Different sleeping positions

Other helpful tips which may help to reduce fat while you sleep

How does sleeping help to shed off fats?

Studies and researches suggest that having enough sleep and going to bed early may be the easiest and fastest technique to shed off those fats and calories. In a conducted study, it reveals that people who sleep early at night for about 16 weeks, their body weight had been reduced to almost 3.5 percent. This simply means that by just subjecting yourself in going to bed early will already help you to cut down those calories. Moreover, the more you stay awake, the more chances for you to get hungry.

Food that burns fat while you sleep

Moreover, you can burn fat and get a slimmer body even without eliminating the food you eat. You may even do so while eating foods even at night. So, for you to be guided with the foods that burn fat while you sleep, see below:

Tryptophan-rich food

Can’t sleep without feeding your stomach with some foods? But, isn’t it ironic to eat and get full at night and want to have a slimmer body at the same time? Well, worry no more, there are foods that you might eat that can even help you to burn out those calories.

Foods that contain tryptophan show that it effectively enhance sleep. In fact, researchers found out that about three ounces of lean meat of turkey boost sleeping hours that is notably deeper than normal. Also, this amount of lean turkey meat helps a lot in losing weight fast and easy.

Moreover, coach Julia Falamas of Crossfit Spot Barbell reiterates

Eating avocado or even a nut butter before bedtime may reduce cravings and hunger.

Examples of tryptophan-rich food:

  • Nuts
  • Chicken
  • Lentils
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Lean Meat


The popular properties of tea are that it can soothe and relaxes the mind. It can even sedate the brain which can induce sleep. Teas that are good at providing this property are peppermint, valerian, chamomile, and lavender.


Furthermore, there are also teas that can trim down calories while relaxes your mind. Look at peppermint, aside from its sedating property, it can also aaiaidpimpropergestion. That is the reason why this is included in the list of food that can burn fat while you sleep.

Whole Grain

Whole grain is the best source of complex carbohydrates. And studies reveal that serotonin comes from this type of carb. Inside our body, serotonin is transformed into melatonin, a hormone that regulates our sleeping pattern.

Melatonin may result from stage 3 of the REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleeping process. Because of this, consumption of complex carbohydrate at night is not advisable. Better to consume them during your lunch.


One tip that might help you to get the daily requirements of fiber is to have an intake of at least 20 grams of it. The fiber in that amount is equivalent to two pieces of sprouted bread – whole grain or one cup of brown rice. This amount of fiber can transform serotonin well-enough to provide the daily needs.

Protein Shake

Compared to carbohydrate and fat, protein is more effective in trimming down the calories in our body by digesting it. Having a protein shake together with your favorite night snack helps you to enhance your metabolism. In fact, consuming 30 grams of protein at night shows a greater metabolic rate the following morning than taking nothing.


We all know that among the alcoholic beverages, wine is the healthiest drinks among them. This is to take account its resveratrol contents which are said to be good for the heart. Aside from that, drinking wine induces sleep and sleeping time. Thus, giving your body more time to burn calories.

However, the study shows that a glass of wine contains a high amount of sugar. Through this consuming too much wine at night may rather be a problem for you to get better sleep. Some people may feel that drinking lots of wine at night relax and makes them fall asleep faster. But, too much wine generally avoid them from getting better sleep.

Moreover, it is advisable to drink just a glass of wine at least two hours before going to bed. This way, it may help you to prevent such sleep disturbances.

The sleeping position that burns the most calories

We already discovered that just simply sleeping early and having a long sleeping and resting time may generally help us to shed off those calories. However, there is a certain sleeping position that might also be a great help to trim down the fats. So, which sleeping position burns the most calories?

Different Sleeping Positions

There are four basic sleeping positions that we used in doing every time we go to bed. Each position provides various effects to the body. However, there is the best and otherwise, the worst one that we used to do.


  • Basic Supine Position
  • Sleeping on Stomach
  • Fetal Position
  • Side-Lying Position

Back-Supine Position

This sleeping position use to be the best and the most healthy position among other sleeping positions. So, is this position answers which sleeping position burns the most calories? Even though this is also classified as the most common, only a few sleeps this way. Generally, an individual must have to rest the spine and the entire body without putting any pressure in it.

Through this position, your spine and neck aligned with each other in a natural way. Thus, the pain in the shoulder and neck will be reduced. Moreover, a back-supine position also decreases acid reflux and wrinkles. In addition, placing a pillow under the knees while being in this position may also diminish the pain in your back.

Furthermore, it is advisable to use a puffy pillow when you will be sleeping through this position. Using a puffy pillow may support both the head and the neck at the same time. This may also avoid the head from propping up.

However, there is some disadvantage of sleeping in this position. Research suggests that this position induces the incidents of snoring and having sleep apnea.

Sleeping on Stomach

This sleeping position is not as common and not as the best as the back-supine sleeping position. However, this is very advisable to those individuals who are snoring. On the contrary, sleeping on the stomach can lead to more body pains. These pains include shoulder pain and stiff neck which is both supported by a headache.

In addition, the joint in the hip is also prone to strain. But, no need to worry because the spinal alignment can be supported and maintained. This may be done by placing a pillow under the pelvic area of your body.

Fetal position

The fetal sleeping position is also classified as one of the usual position used. But, it is also the worst one. The individual draws his knees in the direction of his chest. Then, the shoulder should lean touching the knees in front of the chest.

Benefits of sleeping in this position are that the gut is maintained in its healthy state. Moreover, this also helps to prevent acid reflux. Sleeping in this position eliminates the natural position of the spine. Through this, lower back pain is very much expected.

Moreover, individuals experiencing arthritis and pain in the joint may grieve from this position. Also, the fetal position may elevate the pressure in the gut. Just a tip for individual who sleeps in this position. Consider not to archly bend your whole body.

Side-Lying Position

This sleeping position may definitely answer which sleeping position burns the most calories. Side-lying position is also one of the best position in sleeping like the back-supine position. This position helps in maintaining the opening of the air passages. Thus, it helps an individual to breathe freely while sleeping.

Moreover, sleeping in this position needs to use a pillow that is thick and firm. The reason for this is to maintain in alignment the spinal cord. A better pillow option for this position is a pillow with a small hollow in the middle.

Side-lying position provides lots of health benefits to an individual. Let us discuss them one-by-one and try to find out if this position answers which sleeping position burns the most calories. However, it may keep the skin on the face weak as it always rubs and has direct contact on the pillow.


Benefits of sleeping on the right side:

♥  Eases heart disease

♥  Alleviates sleep apnea

Benefits of sleeping on the left side:

♥  Eliminates snoring

♥  Good heart health

♥  Enhances digestion

♥  Boosts the Lymphatic System

♥  Alleviates pain of the back

Benefits of sleeping on the right side:
Eases heart disease

Sleeping on the right side of your body provides more help to individuals with Coronary Heart Disease and Heart Failure.

Alleviates sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is similarly like that of Heart Failure. Another serious problem that may be addressed when sleeping on the right side is this one.

Benefits of sleeping on the left side:
Eliminates snoring

Since sleeping on the side keeps the air passage open, it naturally avoids snoring. This is also because side-lying position supports the tongue and the throat to stay in their neutral position. However, snoring can be eliminated by sleeping either on the right or left side, whichever you are comfortable with.

Good heart health

Sleeping on the side position, especially on the left, makes the heart to relax. Anatomically speaking, the heart on the left side of the body accepts the blood current smoothly. This is due to the gravitational attraction that provides blood to the heart. Thus, the load of the heart lessens while you sleep.

Enhances digestion

The stomach and the pancreas can also be found at the left portion of the human body. Through this, lying on the left side allows the flow of foods from the small intestine to the large intestine. Sleeping on the left side reduces acid reflux and boosts better digestion. This is also due to the attraction of gravity. That’s also the reason why sleeping on the side position burns the most calories while you sleep.

Boosts the Lymphatic System

In Aryuvedic medicine, they believed that the lymphatic system is positioned on the left side of the body. Since you are sleeping on the left side, this system may be enhanced. Thus, supporting the body to wash out body wastes.

Alleviates pain of the back

Sleeping on the left side of the body eases the pain of the spinal column. Without feeling any pressure in sleeping, you may achieve a better sleep with this position.

Other helpful tips to achieve better and longer sleep which may help to burn out those calories


  • Eat small meals at night
  • Don’t go for chocolate
  • Have a nighttime fasting
  • Allow your body to have a mint
  • Trying to be cool
  • Be in the dark
  • Indulge yourself in a hot shower
  • Switch to the blues
  • Working out too late is a no-no
  • Go on with a yoga
  • Cuddle on with a pillow

Eat small meals at night

Eating too much at night allows your body to work longer. Your body will still keep on digesting the foods that you eat during dinner for long hours. Better eat small dinner at least one hour before bedtime.

Don’t go for chocolate

Chocolates are all-time favorite snacks of most of us. However, this indulging food may contain amounts of caffeine that may keep you awake. Moreover, an ounce of a milk chocolate bar has nine milligrams of caffeine, while a bar of dark chocolates contains almost 30 milligrams of caffeine.

Furthermore, the study reveals that chocolates also has another type of stimulants in it. It contains theobromine, which, according to studies, elevates heart rate and leads to sleeplessness. So, eating chocolates at night may hinder you from getting into bed early.

Have a nighttime fasting

Research reveals that nighttime fasting or which is commonly known as the “after-six diet” is effective in reducing body weight. In this type of diet, an individual may eat any food that he/she wants within the whole eight hours a day. After that eight hours, at night time, an individual may not consume any food within the whole night. This way, it may help to lose body weight faster.

Allow your body to have a mint

Our sense of taste and of smell are generally interconnected with each other. Most of the time, we usually crave for foods that have a stimulating and appetizing smell. So, to burn out those calories, there are some scents that may help you to do so.

Some scents are mouth watering while other scents are a good appetite suppressant. The study reveals that people lost almost five pounds per month by just simply smelling peppermint for every two hours. Moreover, this effect is also similar by smelling of vanilla, green apple, and banana.

Further, to boost your sleep and enhance your slimming process, try to light a scented minty candle at night. However, if blowing off this thing bothers you a lot, you may also drop some peppermint oil into your pillow before you head off to sleep.

Trying to be cool

Cooling off yourself by lowering the air conditioner’s temperature or by switching the heater off during cold season may help in trimming the belly fats while we sleep. Generally, one of the vital functions of fat in the body is keeping you warm by burning the stored fats in the belly. So better to be always in the cold.

Be in the dark

Sleeping without light inside the room does not only make you sleep better, but it also helps to lose some weight. Moreover, turning off those ipads, smartphones, and television when in bed help in getting enough and better sleep. This may also avoid us from acquiring a poor habit.

In addition, it is good to darken your room with curtains to prevent lights from outside sources to come inside the room. It is said that lights on during sleeping time makes the mind to be disturbed in shutting down. This is because melatonin is being compromised with these lights.

Indulge yourself in a hot shower

Showering with a hot temperature may result in dropping off the body’s temperature in times when you towel off. This may even help you to relax your entire body system. In fact, Falamas says,

Showering with hot water is an excellent way to have a good night sleep. This may ease tension and alleviate the pain in sore muscles. Moreover, it boosts the brain in releasing high levels of the love hormone oxytocin, which is very relaxing.

However, just keep in mind that taking a hot shower at night should only be for just a minute.

Switch to the blues

Aside from the taste and smell interrelation, there is also the correlation between the sense of taste and sight as well. There are color shades that are very appealing and contributes to making us crave and feel hunger. According to research, the color yellow and red at the dining room is very much appetizing compared to the blue painted rooms.

So, to help you reduce your appetite and cravings, consider to paint your dining room with a blue one. Or eating on blue-colored plates may also do. Moreover, aside from this health benefit, staring on blue shades help to lower the blood pressure.

Working out late is a no-no

Engaging yourself in a regular exercise may help to ease stressful nights. However, going into the gym late at night may hinder your own biological clock. Having an exercise within two hours before bedtime may energize you. Thus, your urge to sleep early may also be hindered. It is better to exercise in the morning and during the middle of the day.

Go on with a yoga

Yoga’s main goal is to keep an eye on breathing and meditation. This may benefit an individual with a high level of flexibility and endurance. In addition to that, relaxing the person’s mind is also an effect in getting yourself into yoga. Before getting into bed, making some powerful yoga poses may influence you on having a great sleep quality.

Cuddle on a pillow

To be able to achieve better sleep, you need to find the right sleeping position which makes you feel relaxed. Aside from that, you may also need to find the right and comfortable where you may able to rest your head on. Moreover, there is the available orthopedic pillow that you might consider using. This pillow helps in aligning the next muscle while you sleep.


Learning and knowing the right and the best position which burns the most calories may be a great help for you to lose your weight. So, you might also want to consider the tips that are helpful enough to shed off those fats. However, these tips may also vary from one individual to another. Also, it may depend on an individual’s personal decision. Moreover, it is still best to eat the right food and eat in moderation.

Fat Burning Supplement

Aside from the sleeping positions and food suggestions that might help in shedding off those fat and calories, fat burning supplements may also aid in this process. There are some supplements that might help you trim down those calories in the fastest way ever. These supplements also work overnight during your resting state.


⇒ Lean PM Nighttime Fat Burner ⇐

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This fat burner really works during the night while you sleep. It is made with the perfectly balanced formula that enhances fat loss and trims down more calories. The formulation is processed using high-quality natural ingredients. Lean PM Fat Burner lets an individual experience an excellent sleep while allowing the body to work for fat loss and to be energized all throughout the day.

It contains a potent antioxidant EGCG which, aside from fat loss, also promotes overall health. Lean PM Fat Burner also contains Theanine which boosts the mood. Melatonin is also present in the formulation as it helps the body to get a longer sleep time. To have an added overall health support, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium are also incorporated in it.

Moreover, other benefits that this product can offer is that it can regulate and maintain the blood sugar level. Because of this function, the body can prevent gaining weight, thus, losing fats as well. The Green Tea Extract content can reduce the risk of cancer while enhancing the immune system. Furthermore, having an antioxidant property, it can protect the cell from damage.

Shedding those fat makes this product to contain no caffeine. That’s why the undesirable effects of crashes, headaches, and jittery feel are not noticeable. Moreover, it does not have any artificial ingredients in controlling the nocturnal cravings while making you feel relaxed and energized the next morning.

This product that has a natural metabolism enhancer is suitable for both men and women. So, if you want to shed off those fat and calories while you relax and rest, this product is definitely a go.


  • Contains a high amount of EGCG
  • Fewer side effects
  • Contains Bioperine that enhance the product’s absorption


  • No effect on appetite suppression

⇒ Sheer Shred PM Nighttime Fat Burner 

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What’s unique with this fat burner supplement is that it contains white kidney beans and GABA. Compared to other nighttime fat burners, the Sheer Shred PM is the fat burner that has the perfect combination of these two active ingredients. This product also contains all-natural ingredients that are proven effective in the fat burning process.

How this amazing fat burner works is by allowing you to get your sleep faster and let you indulge with an excellent rest and relaxation. It effectively trims down more fat when you are on your resting state or while in the deep sleep. With the right combination of its ingredients, all these effects are seen prominently into life.

Moreover, with the perfect blend of pure GABA, Valerian root, and Melatonin, this nocturnal product caters you the best and deep sleep that you need. Through this, you may experience a healthy sleep with an energized feeling the day after. The GABA that it contains naturally promotes sleep as it primarily acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter. Because of this, it helps an individual to relieve stress as well as promotes relaxation.

On the other hand, as GABA helps the body to relax and rest, White Kidney moves to work in action. It enhances the weight loss process as you sleep. Also, this substance works to decrease the uptake of carbs. To add up to the list, Sheer Shred PM Fat Burner primarily blocks calorie.

Having all these ingredients packed in one capsule, you will feel secure and safe that you will experience the best sleep that you need. Thus, while having rest, your metabolism sheds off those fat all throughout the night. Also, you may ensure for the fastest way of losing weight because of this product. So, what are you waiting for? Better give it a try!


  • Good carbohydrate blocker
  • Contains a high amount of sleep-promoting supplements


  • Indirectly enhance metabolism

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