Fat Loss Through Ketogenic Diet – An Ultimate Guide 101

The week of Christmas to New Year has been a week of joyful gift giving and a week-long celebration. As part of celebrating this Yuletide Season, there are foods here, foods there, and foods everywhere! Someone wouldn’t resist eating those tempting foods served at every table. So, after gaining those fats, it’s to time burn out those calories. But, is there an effective and fast way to eliminate those fats? There is another type of diet which is called as the ketogenic diet. In this diet, one must be getting into ketosis to lose those fats.

We will share to you useful information about this type of diet and what will someone may benefit from it. Tips and ways to lose those fats by getting into ketosis are also discussed here. So, let us start with defining “ketosis”.

What is Ketosis

Medically speaking, ketosis is a process that naturally takes place into our body. Through ketosis, our body voluntarily supports us to survive in times of lower food consumption. Moreover, this process results in the production of ketones in the body which is said to be the byproduct of fats breakdown in the liver.

Usually, the proper ketogenic diet aims to have a result of pushing the body to get into ketosis. This is performed through surviving in the lower intake of carbohydrates, but not due to lower calories intake. However, fats overloading generally eliminates carbohydrates intake into our diet. Taking away those carbs allow our body to burn out the ketones, thus, making it as the primary source of calories.

Benefits in Getting into Ketosis

Getting into ketosis, an individual’s body usually alters the use of glucose to the use of ketones as energy source. Furthermore, maintaining an optimum level of ketones in our body gives variety of health benefits and list of intensive therapeutic applications. However, below are the benefits that we can acquire from getting into ketosis.

  • Healthy weight reduction
  • Lower the risk of certain diseases such as diabetes, heart disease by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Control and maintain blood sugar level
  • Increase mental focus
  • Increase energy level and decrease cravings as well as hunger
  • Control epilepsy
  • Optimize insulin
  • Reduce acne
  • Reduce the risk of cancer

How Long an Individual takes to be getting into ketosis

Just like any other diet plans, effects of ketosis are not noticeable in as quick as 24 hours. Usually, the period to getting into ketosis may start to take from 48 hours up to one week. Moreover, the time span to experience ketosis varies from individual to individual as it depends on an individual’s activity, lifestyle, body built, and most importantly the level of carbohydrate intake. However, there are some ways to help in speeding up the process of ketosis. Thus, some of these ways may be discussed later on like fasting, lowering the intake of carbs, and taking supplements.

How to know if an Individual is already getting into Ketosis

An individual who begin a ketogenic diet needs to test his/her ketone levels in the body. This is essential for you to identify what specific food types or habits that you do to take you away from ketosis. Primarily, methods to test the body’s ketone levels are available. The methods are the following:


Urine testing helps you to measure the unused ketones in the body. Moreover, studies show that through urination, the unused ketones get out of the body. Although, this is the most affordable method of determining ketone level, this is also considered as the most inaccurate.

Testing of breath:

Compare to urinalysis, the testing of the breath is more accurate. Furthermore, it works by measuring the level of acetone in the body. Moreover, acetone is another type of ketone that is present in the body.

Testing of blood:

This testing is performed using a blood strips which makes it an expensive testing method to identify ketone levels. However, among the three methods, this is the most recommended and the most accurate as well.

Moreover, there are symptoms that are noticeable through physical signs. The list of the symptoms is written below:

Frequent urination.

Presence of ketones in the body makes you to urinate frequently. This is more noticeable especially for beginners of this diet.


The mouth that is dry is due to the frequent urination and frequent thirst experienced by the dieters.


Generally, acetone is a body waste that is carried out through the breath.Usually, acetone has a distinct smell similar to a fruit that is over ripe like a nail polish remover. But, there is no need to worry as it is just for a while and usually fades away.

However, when you are into ketosis, you should not drive yourself crazy for testing the level of ketones in your body just to assure that you are on the right track of ketosis. Further, the best thing to do is to follow the proper food intake needed for this diet.

Getting into Ketosis – Starting a Ketogenic Diet

Getting successful into any kind of diet including ketosis or ketogenic diet is, at some point, complicated and difficult for some. Although, getting into ketosis, by its definition, is relatively straight to the point.

Moreover, below is the list of things that you need to do in order to reach or get into ketosis. Here are useful guide to lose those fats away through ketosis. Following these things properly may help you get into ketosis quickly and healthily.


The general rule of thumb in ketogenic diet is to cut down the consumption of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates limit here is just about 30 grams per day. Lowering down your carbs is very easy when you get into it.

However, limiting the intake of carbs need not only to focus on the net carbohydrates. Overall carbs intake should be limited as well. It is advisable to have net carbohydrates of lower than 20 grams and the total carbohydrates intake per day is lower than 35 grams. Moreover, for a more detailed carbohydrates intake, you may look and read ketogenic books for you to be guided with this diet.


Generally, in ketogenic diet, the main source of energy is fat. So, once you decided to go on with this type of diet, ensure that you consume enough fat and support your body with it. Moreover, the main goal in ketogenic diet is weight loss without starvation.

Further, healthy fats are very essential in the ketogenic diet. The fat intake should range from 70 to 80% of the total calorie intake. In order to achieve ketosis fast, these healthy fats is recommended for consumption:

  • Natural oils like coconut oil, virgin olive oil, avocado or macadamia nut oil
  • Meals high in fats like egg yolks and butter
  • Nuts
  • Fats from plants like avocados or coconut butter


Generally, exogenous ketones are substances that supplement the body with ketones, thus making ketosis work fast. Moreover, beta-hydroxybutyrate is the most effective and most abundant type of exogenous ketones. However, you are must still eat carbohydrates in a lower amount.


One important tool to enhance the levels of ketone in the body is through fasting. Variety of ways about fasting can be found in some ketogenic books. So, better read those to be guided.

In ketogenic diet, fasting and ketosis usually goes together. Generally, this tandem has number of health benefits which includes quicker weight loss, improvement in concentration, and reduction of blood sugar levels.

Moreover, there are two types of approach of intermittent fasting:

1. Fat fasting – this usually involves consumption of foods with low-calorie at about 1,000 calories, with 85-90% of the calories that comes from fat. Moreover, this is usually done for a few days.

2. Fast mimicking – within a short period of time, the effects of fasting is being copied. But, you must still continue to eat foods high in fats.


Generally, the very basic and fundamental way of losing weight is by exercising. To get a better result of the ketogenic diet, engage yourself for 20 to 30 minutes exercise a day. Just a simple way in the park may do.

Moreover, to deplete the glycogen in the body, you need to exercise more. However, the body will start to burn stored fats in the event that the stored glucose are in a low level. Therefore, exercising more often supports ketosis quickly.


Aside from coconut oil and butter, the MCT oil can enhance the level of ketones in the blood. Moreover, in conjunction with exogenous ketones, healthy way of ketosis takes place even in just an hour. However, the reason behind this is because medium-chain triglycerides are metabolized faster and used up quickly by the cells for energy source. This is unlike with those long-chain fatty acids that generally take a longer time to breakdown.


There are studies which reveal that dieters of ketogenic diet usually come from an Atkins diet. However, switching from that type of diet to this diet type make it hard for them to limit the protein intake. In ketogenic diet, high amount of protein in the body result to decrease levels of ketones. Furthermore, during weight loss, an individual is required to consume at least 0.6 to 0.8 grams of protein per pounds body mass. Moreover, ketogenic books out there also have detailed information about the right amount of protein intake. So, if you want detailed information, you may read them so.


Generally, to achieve better result in the ketogenic diet, better to look for foods that are keto-friendly. Moreover, there are ketogenic books that have recipes focusing on a ketogenic diet. Here are some useful tips that you can do:

  • Shop for foods that are keto-approved
  • Look for easy recipes that are keto-friendly
  • Go for option of having  ketogenic snacks

However, just some simple tips, don’t consume refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta, and cereals. Moreover, do not eat starches like potatoes, beans, and legumes or even fruit. However, avocado, star fruit, and berries are some exceptions. Foods like these should ingest with balance. Further, below is the list of foods that you can eat and foods that you cannot while you are on a ketogenic diet:

Foods Not to Eat

  • Whole Grains – like wheat, rice, corn, and cereal
  • Sugar substance – examples of these are honey, maple syrup, and agave
  • Fruit – such as bananas, apples, and oranges
  • Tubers – belong to this group are potatoes and yams

Foods to Eat

  • Meats – included in this group are fish, eggs, poultry, lamb, beef, etc.
  • Leafy Greens – such spinach, kale, and many more
  • Those Ground vegetables – like broccoli and cauliflower
  • Dairy that is high in fat – these are hard cheeses, butter, and high fat creams
  • Those nuts and seeds – these include walnuts, almonds, macadamias, sunflower seeds, and many more
  • Fruits belong to avocado and berries family – examples of these are the blackberries, raspberries, and other berries that have a low glycemic index
  • Some sweeteners – this may include the low carbohydrates sweeteners such as stevia, erythritol, and monk fruit
  • Other healthy fats – considered as healthy fats are the coconut oil, olive oil, some high-fat salad dressing, and saturated fats


Generally, eating snacks that are unnecessary result to slow weight loss process. However, it is very hard to have keto-friendly snacks when you are on-the-go. Here are some snacks that are approved for a ketogenic diet.

  • Those Ketogenic Bars
  • Some Ketogenic Nut Butter
  • Beef Jerky Low-Sugar
  • Those Nuts and seeds


Nowadays, more people are more health conscious. That’s why there are also some resto that offers food that supports the needs of a dieter. Moreover, as part of their marketing strategies, restaurants mostly accept requests to alter the foods that they serve. Examples of these are:

  • Ordering a burger with no bun
  • Going after salad with no dressing
  • Eating tacos but no tortillas
  • Drinking beverages that are unsweetened

After discussing about ketosis and ketogenic diet, we hope that you will consider to follow some tips that might guide you to have a healthy dieting regimen. However, it is better to follow everything carefully to achieve a better result. Remember, in weight loss and diet, discipline and self control are the keys to achieve it.

Getting into ketosis also needs discipline in the foods that we eat. Because of that there are ketogenic diet books that are available to properly guide you in taking the correct ketogenic diet. Here are two of the best seller ketogenic diet book that might help you to get into ketosis.

Best Seller Ketogenic Diet Books

The Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook


This ketogenic diet cookbook is dedicately written by Jen Fisch, a well-known influencer in the keto industry. A keto book like this is very much applicable for busy individuals engaging into ketosis. The focus of this diet cookbook keeps an eye on a low-carb, high-fat recipes.

It provides 130 recipes with only 5 or lesser ingredients. And with just half an hour preparation, you will already have a completely compliant ketogenic meal. This ketogenic cookbook also caters wide variety of meals. Recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all is serve in this keto diet book. You’ll also enjoy having desserts, side-dishes, and snacks that are all guilt-free.

This keto cookbook is a proof that dieting on a ketogenic way is very simple, quick, and budget-friendly diet. Not only that, it is enticingly delicious as well. You can also have fun cooking because it leads you to mess-free cooking process.

One sample recipe that is featured in this book is the Baked Garlic and Paprika Chicken Legs. The perfect blend of paprika, garlic, and other herbs give a flavorful taste that delight your taste buds. A very easy, very affordable, and very delicious recipe that you’ll definitely love eating while you are dieting. Doesn’t have an idea what to cook for lunch? Get your copy of this book it will surely guide you to your keto diet journey.


  • Provides 130 recipes with only 5-ingredients
  • Caters recipes that use mess-free cooking and fast preparation and cooking time
  • Contains wide variety of meal recipes


  • Lots of advertisement of specialty products
  • No picture of recipes

The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet


Written by Leanne Vogel, an educator of nutrition, this keto diet book covers new strategies in acquiring weight loss together with the 3-H needed in life – the healing, health, and happiness. All these can be achieved by just only one lifestyle approach, the Ketogenic Diet. With the help of this book, you will discover how this diet affects all of these.

The Keto Diet book is a tool that helps you to come up with a nutrition plan that is particularly specialized for your needs. It has a meal plan which is strictly ketogenic complaint and is perfectly good for 28 days diet. This book also contains 125 palate-enticing recipes that are perfectly healthy and truly burns body fats.

Nice features of this book include a list of foods that are recommended and not recommended to eat. It also has food alternatives for those individuals who have hypersensitivity to certain foods. Aside from a keto diet info, this book also has details for going into a dairy-free product. All these features are incorporated in this one comprehensive diet book.

You can now eat everything without any restrictions with the guidance of The Keto Diet book. It aids you to acquire energy and helps you to lose your weight properly and in a healthy way. If you are looking for an overall fat loss and total wellness guide, this book is really a worth buying one.


  • Offers 125 delicious and fat burning recipes
  • Includes a meal plan good for 28 days
  • Contains grocery store list and food list
  • Has a list of alternative food for hypersensitive individual


  • Recipes are good for multiple servings amd not for individual serving
  • No picture of recipes

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