Reducing Thigh Fat in an Easy and Fastest Way That You Can Even Do at Home!

Do you already notice some cottage-cheese like skin in the middle of your thigh? Does this skin hinders you to easily wear those tight-fitted jeans that you really like? Well, worry no more, there are ways on how to reduce thigh fat in a week at home.

Dieting tips and various exercise routines are very much available over the web or in every pages of the fitness magazine. Moreover, there are free videos that demonstrate ways on how to reduce thigh fat in 7 days. Many tips are available to help you get rid of those stubborn fats.

Here we will discuss tips, and various techniques that may help you on how to reduce thigh fat in just a week at home. So, prepare your gym wear and ready yourself to shake off those fats away.

How does fat accumulates in the thigh

As we grow older, our body changes in variety of ways. We can have wrinkles, saggy skin, and fat deposits in every corner of our body. Yes! All these changes are due to physiological state as we get old. Moreover, there are still other factors that make fat accumulates in the thigh.

The main suspect for this phenomenal body changes is the female hormones. That’s why you may notice that most of the time, only women have fat deposits in the thigh area. Abnormal production of either estrogen or progesterone may lead to fat cell accumulation. These abnormal production means female hormones are being overproduced or underproduced.

Female physiological state where production of hormone is compromised

There are stages and physiological changes in the women’s body that involve those hormones. In those changes, they generally affect the levels of these female hormones which may result to their abnormality.

1. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the main female hormones – estrogen and progesterone – are being produced in a greater level than the usual. A pregnant women will more likely to yield more estrogen compared when she is not preggy. This hormone rapidly increases from the beginning of the first trimester and gradually reach its peak approaching the third trimester.

Moreover, progesterone level hits up extremely high during this period. Because of this, weight gain begins to over take. Thus, fat starts to deposit under the skin as well.

2. Breastfeeding

After giving birth, a woman’s level of estrogen and progesterone drastically shut down. Through this, the level of these hormones decrease to a lower level. When the level of female hormones decrease, the fat cells start to deposit in the thigh.

Moreover, when you tend to breastfeed your little one you need lots of calories. You need an extra calories with an amount around 1,000 calories per day. Having an extra intake of calories, you may tend to gain more weights and fats.

3. Menopause

Menopausal women have a higher tendency to have fat storage in the thigh and hips area. This is because at this stage of a women’s life, the female hormone have an abnormal level. A pear-shaped body is most likely the result of this phenomenon.

Other reason for fat accumulation in the thigh area

Many reasons have been accounted for thigh fat deposit. Aside from hormonal imbalance that may result from different physiological changes, accumulation of fats might also be due to genetic disposition. Furthermore, an improper diet and having a sedentary lifestyle may give a higher chance to store more fats.

How to reduce thigh fat in a week at home

Despite of those predisposing factors that keep on depositing fats in different areas of the body, especially the thigh, there are ways to trim it down. Ways that are very simple, easy, and healthy. These include exercising, a proper diet and lifestyle modification. Let’s try to discuss them one by one. From there, lettry to discover what’s ideal for us on how to reduce thigh fat in a week at home.

Simple exercise in reducing thigh fat

Engaging in an exercise routine in reducing the thigh fat will be a great help to achieve a better result in the safest and fastest way. Moreover, working out is not as complicated as ever. You do not need to go to the gym and have working out equipment to engage in this activity. The good news is you can exercise and get fit at the comfy of your home.

There are exercise routines that are very simple and easy to follow. Some of these exercises target to act on the thigh to trim down fat stored in that area. Are you ready to get sweat? Here are some simple exercise that might help you on how to reduce thigh fat in a week at home.

1. The Leg Up

This exercise is a good thigh workout and a simple one as well. The first thing you must do is to simply lay your back down on the floor. Your palm is on the side relaxingly facing the floor.

Lift the both legs up from the floor. It should be as high as 30 degree angle from the floor. Stay in this position for about 5 second. Then, gradually put down the legs back to its original position.

2. Leg Stretching

The goal of this stretching exercise is to achieve a better circulation of blood in the body. Just doing it for at least three sets will let you feel this effect. Sit up straight with both legs joined together and being stretched.

Take the legs apart from each other in a slow movement. Now, reach for the toes of the right foot using your both hands. As you reach for the toes bend to your right side while you breathe in.

This time try to touch the knees using your head. Pause for this position for about 5 seconds and relax. Gradually lift up your head and place your hands to the side area of the pelvic region. Do this while breathing out.

Go back to the start and perform the steps on the left side. Make at least 10 repetition for this exercise routine.

3. Cycling in the Air

Looking for an effective way on how to reduce thigh fat in a week at home? The answer is here, air cycling can reduce fat in the thigh area effectively. Moreover, this routine also works best in the joints of the knee and in the pelvic area.

Start by laying down your back. Then lift your legs up in a 90 degrees angle. Move your legs in a motion like running a bicycle. The routine should last for about a minute.

Slowly bring back your legs to the original or starting position. Relax. Do the routine for at least 5 times.

4. The Lunges

If an ideal workout for your inner thigh is what really interests you, the lunges is the one for you. It also reduces some fats in the buttocks  and also improves the gluteal muscle.

Very simple steps, just stand up with feet apart. Grip hand weights. Step your right foot in front of you, at the same time, bending your left leg in the opposite position.

Perform this routine in the other leg side. Do this step for 10 repetitions.

5. Alphabet Tracing

Very simple, fun, and exciting, this alphabet tracing routine can also help how to reduce thigh fat in 7 days. Simply lay down your back on the floor. Raise your right leg up at 90 degree angle.

With the lifted foot, begin to trace all the letters of the alphabet in air. Perform this routine on the other leg. In every alphabet, just relax and inhale.

6. The Cross-over at the Table Top

Both the inner and outer thigh will benefit from this routine. Lay your back down on the floor. Create a table figure using your body by lifting it up. The body should be supported by your limb.

Raise your right leg as you raise your left hand. Reach for your right toes using the left hand. Do the same steps on the other side. Make at least 20 repetitions.

7. Cut it with a Scissor Kick

Scissor kick works best on the thigh together with the buttocks muscle. Perform this step by putting the palm at the back of your head as you lay it down on the floor. Gradually raise up both legs while in a straight position.

For this time, separate the legs apart in a vertical direction. Put them back together. Afterwards, separate them apart again. This should be done for each leg for 15 times.

8. Make a Squat

Squatting is only ideal if you have many fats to burn in the thigh area. Aside from reducing the fats, it is also good for muscle building. Begin this routine by standing with your legs separated from each other. Relax your shoulder as you have to do the original position.

The next thing you’ll have to do is to place your toes in front of you in a pointing position. Inhale as you straighten the upper part of your body. Make a sitting position by lowering down your buttocks in a slow motion.

Stay in this position for about 5 up to 10 seconds. This exercise routine needs at least up to 10 times repetition.

9. Aerobics

If you want to know how to reduce thigh fat in 7 days, well, engage yourself in aerobics and you will know the answer. Exercising via aerobic routines aid to shed off fats of the inner thigh as well as of the whole body. Simple exercise routines are already there and work primarily in your thigh and also elevates your heart rate. Examples of these routines are dancing, running, climbing up the stairs, and brisk walking.

However, consider to give aerobic exercises a try each day. Working out via aerobics for at least 45 minutes in 5 days may do best in your ways on how to reduce thigh fat in 7 days. This may help you in achieving your goal in a healthy and fastest way.

10. Running

If having a large muscle in the thigh is one of your worries, try running as it minimizes muscle size by reduction of extra fats. Running also makes your thigh thinner and also aids the legs to be in shape. Keeping the right body posture lets you diminish the strain of the front thigh or what we commonly known as the quadriceps. This may also avoid to size of your thigh in doubling up. To trim down more amount of calories, better to run in an incline instead on a surface that is generally flat.

Reducing thigh fat by having a proper diet

In all forms of fat burning regimen or weight loss routine, having a healthy and nutritious diet is always the main course. It helps in keeping the body properly in shape, including the thigh area, and at the same time healthy as well. Better to look at these points as you are making your diet your primary concern.

1. Low-calorie food intake

Any weight loss program emphasizes that an individual must trim down greater amounts of calories compared to the amount that he/she consume. Because of this, the intake of low-calorie food in the diet is very advisable. However, if you are going for this kind of diet, be mindful of the caloric value as you only need to intake 1200 up to 1500 calories per day.

To achieve this, restrict yourself from taking fat containing foods. You should only have a daily fat intake value of around 35 grams to 50 grams every day. This fat value is already equivalent to daily calorie requirements of about 20 to 30%.

Aside from that, the other 45 to 65% calorie requirements per day should come from complex carbohydrates. This is generally equivalent to approximately 180 grams to 270 grams. Sources of this carbs are the fruits and vegetables, and most likely the whole grains.

There are also low-fat protein foods that should be taken into account. This primarily comes from meats, poultry products, and fish. At least 50% up to 95% of this food should be consumed per day to contribute to 15% to 25% of daily caloric need.

2. Sugar elimination

If there is one food type that is very much guilty in making fat reduction a tough process, it is none other than the sweets or the sugar-containing foods. So, if you want to eliminate fats, then try to avoid these foods. Juices, sodas, and energy drinks have tremendous level of sugar content.

Rather than drinking these food items, drink lots of water instead. Not only that it aids to eliminate sugar in the diet but it also flushes out body wastes. It also transfers nutrients into the cells and gives moisture to the body tissues.

Other than that, green tea is a low-calorie drink which has an excellent amount of antioxidants in it and has unsweetened variety as well. Compared to vegetables, it caters greater levels of polyphenols which is known to be ten times higher. Because of this, it guards the body from the damaging free radicals.

Juices made from fresh fruits may also help as it offer nutritious elements in the body. It also aid to avoid dehydration without acquiring more pounds. However, take note that these fresh fruit juices should have no added sugar or any other artificial sweeteners.

Moreover, as much as possible, avoid eating candies, chocolates, cakes, and other pastries. But, if you may not resists to do so, discipline yourself not too consume too much amount of it. Or, better yet, engage yourself in an exercise the next day.

3. Carbs counting

Carbohydrates is one of the macronutrients required by the body. Through this, eliminating carbs in the diet is not a good option. Instead, consume it with limitations.

Furthermore, there are foods available in the market which offer minimum amount of carbohydrates that is sufficient enough to help performing normal body function. These include brown rice, multigrain flour and biscuits, cereals, and bread. However, do not try to put sugar or butter in it. This is because the added calories and extra sugar make it harmful to your diet.

Modify your lifestyle

1. Having enough sleep

An eight hours sleep a day may be one of a good way on how to reduce thigh fat in 7 days. Study reveals that sleep deprivation in women gives a higher tendency to gain more weight. It is because fat accumulates fast when our body or even the mind works productively more.

Furthermore, muscles tend to build during our sleeping time and not during the hour of working out. So, better wear your nighties on early at night and start to have a beautiful, good night sleep.

2. Get on with a hobby

Relaxation of the mind is very much achievable when we are doing the things that we enjoy the most. Moreover, this will result to the production of the happy hormones. These hormones have a vital role in losing weight. It is said that during our happy times and lesser stress comes in, we tend to lose weight in a greater extent.

3. Enroll in fitness groups

Hanging around with people having the same goal as we have makes the goal more achievable. So, if losing weight and reducing fats are your goals, hang around with peeps that also want to make it happened. You may inspire each other and let you share your different thoughts about weight loss. Exchanging ideas will allow you to adopt their weight loss techniques that may be much more effective. Because of this, ways on how to reduce thigh fats in 7 days becomes easy.

Other tips in reducing thigh fat

Aside from the ways discussed above, there are available products in the market that might help to reduce thigh fat quickly. We researched the market for products that aid in fat reduction particularly in the thigh area. With this, we come up with the 2 top picks of the best anti-cellulite creams and oils. Come and take a closer look.

Best Anti-Cellulite Creams and Oils

Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil


Anti-Cellulite Oil aims to target the fat tissues that are most likely very unwanted by the body. Improving and developing the firmness of the skin is also one of its goals. Packed in an 8 ounce amber pump bottle, this product is formulated with all natural ingredients. Its powerhouse components include:

  • Grape Seed Oil

This natural oil works mainly to regenerates and tightens the skin.

  • Eucalyptus Oil

It is very effective in targeting the subcutaneous fats and relieves the painful sensation brought by those unwanted cellulites.

  • Lemon

Lemon generally treats varicose veins by alleviating veins pressure and improving circulation of blood.

  • Grapefruit

This natural ingredient is well-known and remains the number one ingredient in reducing fat, cellulite treatment, and water retention.

Anti-Cellulite Oil of New York Biology acts in the areas of the buttocks, hips, abdomen, and the thigh where fat deposits are mostly concentrated. This product aids in breaking down the fat tissues in those areas. Since it is an oil, it has a higher potential to penetrate the skin deeply compared to cream-based anti-cellulite products.

More so, aside from its fat reduction effect, it also makes the skin firm and tight. Also, because of the perfect combination of the natural essential oils and plant extracts, it nourishes the surface of the skin and makes it a radiant and healthier looking one. What are you waiting for, grab yours now!


  • Penetrates deeply down the skin
  • Formulated from all natural ingredients
  • Alcohol-free, Paraben-free, Sulfate-free
  • Cruelty-free


  • Oil is messy to apply

Advanced Cellulite Firming Lotion


This cellulite firming product from AmiLean works directly to release and force both fats and water to get out of the cells. Because of this, it helps the body to regain back its shape. It also works at the areas of the abs, butt, hips, thigh, and even at the underarms.

Advanced Cellulite Firming Lotion patented formulation contains Aminophylline as its main ingredient. Aminophylline is a liposome that is known to be fast acting. It also promises to cater rapid results in stripping off unwanted fats at the same time tightens and tones the body.

What’s enticing about this product is that it is being used by most of the top models in the industry. Not only that, it is also recommended by most of gym trainers and used by lots of bodybuilders. So, if you want to reduce fats as quickly as one week, mind to give this product a try.



  • Absorbs quickly
  • Applies easily
  • Light-weight and non-greasy


  • Pump bottle is hard to use

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