Avoid These! List of Foods That Make You Gain Weight Fast

Remember: what you eat is what you gain. We’ve been told time and again that losing weight is about eating the right food and doing the right exercise. It’s a basic formula that sounds easier than how it actually is. Given that we don’t have any metabolic diseases, we gain weight because we consume surplus calories. And when the body doesn’t need the excess, it will store it as fats. But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to eat enough. You just have to avoid this list of foods that make you gain weight fast.

All of us have varying nutritional needs. What works for one may not work for the other. Also, you don’t have to deprive yourself of food just to have the sense of security against excess calories. Skimping on nutrition will just slow down your metabolism and stymie your weight loss plan.

On this post, we will focus on eating right and avoiding food that cause weight gain. You might be surprised that some of your favorites are actually banes in your fitness goals. Check this list:

Fiber-rich snack bars

Why not fiber? Of course, all of us need enough fiber for good digestion, more so if you’re trying to lose weight. However, it’s not healthy to devour a whole day’s supply of fiber in just one snack bar. Instead of improving your digestion, a single consumption of high-fiber snacks will upset your stomach and cause bloat.

Fiber should be taken all over the day in consistent amounts. This is why you add veggies to all your meals. Instead of compensating through a bar of fiber-rich snack, try incorporating natural sources like fruits and vegetables to your meals.

The chalky snack bars you can buy from convenience stores are also packed with sugars. This is empty calories that stir hunger and fat storage. And since it’s not satiating, you’ll crave for more and end up eating hefty calories without feeling full.

If you’re eating these snack bars for your dose of nuts and oats, you might as well grab fresh and organic ones. These are healthier and devoid of excess grease and sugar.

Candy bars

We know that you’re not you when you’re hungry but fight the urge to grab that bar of Snickers. Candy bars are packed with sugars that spike insulin levels in your bloodstream. With that, more fats are being stored. If you want to eat candy bars for the sake of skipping meals, you’re just doing your weight loss plan a big disservice.

When you eat candy bars, you only ingest empty calories. You’ll feel great about it for a short period but pangs of hunger will soon take over since it contains refined flour and added oils that your body doesn’t need.

If you want a clearer picture, one candy bar has around 200-300 calories. That’s equivalent to two plates of vegetable salad which is more satiating and healthier than candy bars.

Making candy bars a regular cheat snack is a bad idea. If you want a sweet treat, it’s better to eat a sweet fruit. Even if it has high sugar content, you’ll benefit from the additional minerals and nutrients.

The bad thing here is that candy bars are everywhere. When you’re planning to get your groceries, make a list and stick to it no matter what. Always avoid this list of foods that make you gain weight fast.

Frozen meals

Frozen meals are processed food packed with sodium and artificial preservatives. Usually, producers of frozen meals pack each serving with tons of sodium so it will have a longer shelf life. And as you know, excessive sodium cause bloating and water retention.

Also, the fact that one serving is compressed in one small container means your food is stripped off of important nutrients. It will also have more calories than a fresh counterpart prepared and cooked at home. Worse, these excess calories are far from satisfying.

If you want to have something ready to eat, you might as well cook large portions and freeze the leftovers. Whenever you want to eat, you’ll just have to re-heat or add more ingredients to it. This will give you full control over what you are eating while dodging artificial substances.

Don’t forget to pack your fridge with fresh meat cuts and veggies. Although you’ll need to cook, preparing these fresh options will take the same amount of time as cooking food that cause weight gain.

list of foods that make you gain weight fast

Sugary drinks

Even diet sodas won’t save you from the wrath of excessive liquid calories. Alcoholic, fizzy, and fruity drinks all contain staggering amounts of sugar. Like eating candy bars, it increases your blood sugar levels that will be stored as fats in the process. In fact, experts found that the fastest way to lose weight is to quit drinking sugary fluids. If that’s the case, drinking it regularly is also a guaranteed way to gain weight. That spells trouble if you have a strict weight loss goal.

If you want to know how much sugar you’re taking in connection to possible weight gain, you can use Rethink Sugary Drinks’ Drink Calculator. You’ll be surprised by how much your favorite sips sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Always remember that sugary drinks never make you feel full. After downing a whole bottle, hunger will strike after a few moments. And to compensate, you’ll drink more, thus gaining more unwanted pounds in the process. If you want a hydrating drink, opt for cold water or homemade iced green tea.

White bread

Yes, your breakfast staple is a weight loss enemy. It’s made of refined flour and added sugars that all result in a high glycemic index. A 2014 study conducted in Spain showed that people who eat an average of two slices of white bread are 40% more likely to gain weight. Also, the ingredients of white bread also induce overeating. With that, avoid this list of foods that make you gain weight fast.

White bread is also devoid of nutrients and minerals. If you want an alternative, the healthiest bread you can find in the market is Ezekiel or sprouted bread. This is made from whole grains that are allowed to sprout first before being processed to become flour.

The sprouting kills some of the antinutrients that stall the absorption of vital nutrients in your diet. Also, the sprouted bread contains zero sugar which is totally a champ for those who are trying to lose weight.

Still, it’s important to remember that all wheat bread have gluten. If you have intolerances or allergies, you’ll have to look for other options. Try looking for gluten-free flour ingredients.


Football matches won’t be complete without bingeing on that boxful of pizza. It’s a popular fast food item and definitely sumptuous. However, commercial pizza is also as unhealthy as it is yummy.

Let’s start from the crust: it’s made of refined flour and sugars usually found on white bread. The toppings: processed meat possibly cut from sodium-packed and frozen versions. Although there are mushrooms, tomatoes, and other veggies to adorn each slice, it’s not enough to offset the guilt.

You don’t necessarily have to ditch this guilty pleasure of yours; you can make one at home. Be picky with what you include. Skip the processed chorizos, refined flour, and excessive dairy. Worried that you can’t make it delicious? Check BBC Good Food’s healthy pizza recipes HERE.

Even if you’re eating healthy pizza, always keep an eye on your portions. Share a few slices to your friends and family if you’re tempted to devour everything.

It may take time to prepare but your time is worth the sacrifice since you’ll be skipping hundreds of calories in the process. This food that cause weight gain isn’t worth it.

Ice cream

Stop screaming ice cream! This cold and creamy dessert is reeking with sugar, dairy, and calories that will not satiate you. Trust me, I know how delicious that Chocolate Mud Pie is, but you’re going to regret it soon.

Each scoop of ice cream, regardless of flavor, is loaded with sugars. Although there’s nothing bad about having a single scoop once in a while, bingeing is the biggest problem. A person can consume a pint in one sitting, and if you’re hungry, maybe another half.

If you really can’t resist it, just have one scoop and put the tub back to the fridge. Not seeing the whole serving will decrease your cravings.

When you have time, you can actually concoct a homemade ice cream using full-fat yogurt and your choice of fruits. When shopping for your ice cream ingredients, always keep this list of foods that make you gain weight fast in mind. The Desserts with Benefits have these 14 healthy ice cream recipes you can try at home. Preparing these recipes is also a great way to distract your mind from compulsive eating.

Starbucks coffee

So you’re running some errands when you suddenly felt thirsty. Without thinking, you decided to head to the nearest Starbucks to chill out. You ordered a Venti Double Chocolaty Chip Crème Frappuccino. Voila! You just consumed 500+ calories in one sitting without the hint of being full.

Every sip is packed with sugar, worse, many of us had gone victims to the daily rituals of sipping commercially prepared coffee. Starbucks doesn’t come short of providing you with the calorie count of each of their drinks. A single search about their beverages would reveal the actual contents.

Still, you can find low-calorie drinks in Starbucks. However, the sweet taste will still activate high insulin levels in your bloodstream that will initiate fat storage. If your friends are asking you out, it’s either you stick to these options or suggest a restaurant that offers healthier options.

If you want iced coffee, just prepare it at home. That way, you can control the amount of sugar included on the drink. Here’s a recipe from iFoodReal to jumpstart your kitchen pursuits.

list of foods that make you gain weight fast

 “Low-fat” food

The so-called “low-fat” food gives you a false sense of security. Since you know that you’re eating something that’s low in fat, you’ll tend to consume more. Also, commercially available food that’s made to be low in fat is usually tasteless after processing. So to make sure that it will remain appealing to the taste buds, manufacturers compensate using salt or sugar. With that, the low-fat option becomes a food that cause weight gain.

Remember that fats aren’t always the enemy of weight loss. The likes of monounsaturated fats and fatty acids are actually good for the body. It’s just a matter of choosing healthy fats over unhealthy fats. You can get healthy fats from salmon, olive oil, flaxseed, avocado, walnuts, and canola oil.

If you want yogurt, try unflavored Greek yogurt or guacamole as a dip. You can also try hummus with olive oil. Both give you a dose of healthy fats. It’s best to prepare these at home than relying on commercial counterparts that are stripped off of nutrients.

Cereals in value boxes

“There’s nothing wrong with the ingredients, why not buy it?” Well, studies found that people who eat from large packs of food tend to eat more. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to purchase budget cereal boxes especially if it’s healthy. You just have to practice discipline.

A study by Cornell University showed that individuals subconsciously eat more when they know a large serving is available. And since it costs less, you’ll likely eat more. This is the reason why portioning matters most.

My advice is that you transfer the content of the cereal box in multiple canisters. This way, you can serve it in small portions. Always follow a certain measurement of cereal per serving. That way, you’ll know if you’re going overboard.

When purchasing cereals, make sure that it doesn’t contain too many sugars and artificial substances.

This list of foods that make you gain weight fast contain some of the items you should avoid. With the right discipline and options, you can sustain your healthy diet. You don’t have to starve in the process; you just have to be meticulous and a little picky.

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Avoid These! List of Foods That Make You Gain Weight Fast

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