What to Eat to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week? Burn Fats Without Getting Hungry!

Got belly fat to lose? Weight loss is probably one of the most searched topics all over the world. However, achieving a flatter tummy seems to be a difficult task for some, more so for those who have busy schedules. Hitting the gym and planning meals can take much time. And with the holidays just around the corner, you’re probably trying to lose some belly fat to fit into your new dress. Here, we discussed what to eat to lose belly fat in 1 week with a few more tips.

A one-week goal seems impossible. Although you won’t be losing all your flab in this short span of time, you can do something that will make your belly look flatter.

Why eating smart is important

Personally, I’ve struggled with a bulging tummy too. Months of eating fast food and haphazard diets already took its toll on my weight.

With extra 20 pounds to shed, I was left wondering what to do. But after an unfortunate food poisoning incident courtesy of a local fast food chain, I was slapped with the fact that I need to start ditching my guilty pleasures.

I started eating smart, finally surviving a week without tasting even a single bite of processed food. Also, I practiced eating the right portions. Before, I won’t stop until I feel full to the brim.

It only took a week for me to see obvious results. My belly becomes smaller (although not totally flat, to be realistic here) as I’m starting to flush out stuck solid wastes out of my body.

Personally, I’m not a fan of exercise due to my tight schedule. With that, eating has become my sole avenue to deflating this ballooning belly.

Let’s set a realistic goal here. The points I’m going to give you won’t make your belly Kardashian-flat. Still, I assure you that switching to this healthy diet will make a difference. Without further ado, here my tried and tested foods to eat to lose weight in stomach.

Go easy with a high-fiber food

Hey, don’t get me wrong about this one. Let me start by saying that there are two faces in this point: fiber can be a digestive-friendly food and a bloat-causing one. It’s just a matter of avoiding the bad actors.

If you want to lose a bit of your belly fat in a week, I suggest that you nix gas and bloat-causing fiber-rich food. Some of these are broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. These are nutritious, but with a one week mark, we can’t buy enough time to get rid of the bloat. Don’t worry since there are many alternatives that you can get fiber from.

You can add up nuts and peas to your diet which you’ll know more about later on. Just don’t skip the greens entirely. These are the powerhouse of minerals and nutrients. Moderation is the key here.

Slash the dairy

If you’re a lactose intolerant person, this should be a default. But if not, you should know that dairy products like cheese, pudding, ice cream, and the likes can be packed with sugars. More so, it’s a major culprit to bloating and gas.

What to eat to lose belly fat in 1 week? You only need to slash and not entirely ditch dairy products. This is still a good source of live cultures that help digestion among other minerals and nutrients. If you are to eat milk, merge it with other foods, say a smoothie, a bowl of oatmeal, or a guilt-free dessert.

Remember that just because dairy is high in fat doesn’t mean you’re going to be fat too. Take note that fat isn’t the enemy here but the sugar content. Aside from bloating, the sugar content also stops your body from releasing stored energy.

what to eat to lose belly fat in 1 week

Devour potassium-rich food

If you think you’re flab is more likely to be bloat, you should definitely start eating potassium-rich food. Potassium has bloat-reducing characteristics, thanks to its diuretic nature. You can now flush the excess water weight and puff out of your tummy.

Some of the great sources of potassium are avocados, mangos, cantaloupes, papayas, and even red meat. Still, you should eat this in line with your caloric limits as advised by a nutritionist. Remember, the only way to reduce fat is to stop eating surplus portions. So even if you eat healthily, your fat loss efforts would be in vain without the right discipline.

If you get snacky like me, opt for dried fruits (not sugary ones!) like apricots or fresh ones like banana or apple. You see, you don’t have to go on a hunger strike just to flatten that belly. There are many foods to eat to lose weight in stomach.

Sip green tea

I personally like tea but this isn’t the reason why I’m going to recommend it to you. Green tea is packed with catechins, an antioxidant known to reduce tummy bloat. Sip green tea before your workout to pump up your fat burns.

You can also try Matcha Tea but never in a café. I once regretted ordering a Matcha frappe (which is obvious) which turns out to have loads of sugar it feels like a cup of diabetes. It’s better to purchase the tea then prepare it at home. Slow your roll with the sugar if you may. If you want a little sweetness, use honey instead.

Green tea isn’t the sole solution here but it still has a great reputation in the weight loss world. Besides, a cuppa or two won’t hurt, right?

Hydrate with more water

This may sound absurd, right? We want to remove excess water weight but we’re going to drink more water? You’ll be surprised to know that by drinking an optimal amount of water, you’re helping your body achieve fluid balance, thus easier removal of stuck water on your gut. This isn’t what to eat to lose belly fat in 1 week, but very worthy of recognition here.

One trick water does is it makes you feel full. If you eat less, you’ll have fewer surplus calories that will lead to weight loss. Water is better than sipping flavored drinks that God knows how much artificial coloring and sugars are used.

If you get tired of the taste, I suggest that you try making iced cold tea or lemon water. I, myself, had been addicted to soda before and I should admit that it’s not easy to quit. But trust me, the sacrifice is very much worth it.

Smoothie or oatmeal for breakfast

Let me confess this time: Before, I’ll either eat a whole feast of unhealthy foods for breakfast or eat nothing at all. Fitness enthusiasts will be cringing at me right now, but I’m glad to say that I’m starting to revolutionize my diet with healthier options.

Experts are right: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Still, it doesn’t mean lunch and dinner aren’t crucial for your weight loss. Let me share with you my simple meal.

In the morning, I’ll opt for a fresh bowl of oatmeal with a little honey or a half a teaspoon of sugar tops. I’ll pair it with a slice of whole wheat bread or fruit, mostly banana since my tummy finds it easier to digest.

Let me clarify this: I’m no nutritionist, but I know that this meal helped me get rid of a few inches of belly size. It’s up to you to follow these foods to eat to lose weight in stomach.

Say no to soda and booze

After-work hangout is fun, but it’s also mired with alcoholic drinks with nothing but sugars and calories that will soon show up in your gut. Have you noticed, drunkards usually have large tummies? It’s because the liquid calories in alcoholic beverages settle in the gut. This causes the bloat, not to mention the visceral fat that will soon form.

If you’re not convinced, let’s break down one popular soda: Original Coca-Cola 12 fl.oz. This drink is made of 78% sugars which is equal to 39 grams. This is way beyond the recommended 25 grams to 37.5 grams per day. If we are to factor in the fruits, veggies, and meals you’re going to eat for the day, soda is a massive sugar machine.

Again, water is the best option. You can come up with creative ways to add taste to it using natural flavors of citrus fruits.

what to eat to lose belly fat in 1 week

Munch more nuts and berries

The likes of blueberries and strawberries fight fats and it also gives you a nice dose of fiber to stay full. Berries like these also help in the production of the adiponectin hormone that lowers blood sugar and reduces inflammation.

What to eat to lose belly fat in 1 week? As for the nuts, it’s rich in fiber and it’s a great snack. Just make sure that you munch the right portion to stay on top of the calorie count.

The only downside I experienced with eating more nuts is acne breakout. To be fair, I really have sensitive skin and the androgen in the nuts made it worse. But if you don’t mind this little hassle, it’s worth the sacrifice. Besides, a clay mask should fix the breakout in no time.

My suggestion is to eat alternatives to acne-prone peanuts like almonds and cashews. These don’t affect your androgen levels like how the usual peanuts do.

Try pumpkin puree and chickpeas

If you want a healthy dose of fiber, a pumpkin puree will be a great addition to your diet. You can make a soup out of it in exchange for your high-calorie meals. The fiber content will slow down digestion so you’ll stay full for long while benefiting from tons of vitamins and minerals.

Pumpkin is rich in potassium and magnesium which all contribute to removing bloat and boosting your immunity. However, the traditional pie is something I wouldn’t recommend bingeing on.

Another great source of fiber is chickpeas. A single cup can already give you half the recommended fiber intake for a day without hurting the calorie department. In fact, experts found out that those who eat pulses like chickpeas can lose more weight than those who don’t.

Switch to tuna and salmon

If you are to eat fish, try to have a serving of salmon or tuna. These fishes have high protein content together with healthy fats that will support your weight loss regimen. Take note, though, that these foods to eat to lose weight in the stomach are a bit high in calories so always eat in moderation.

When preparing salmon, you don’t have to use extra oil since it’s already naturally fatty. Just brush both sides with a little olive oil and pepper. If you want added flavor, I personally recommend using rosemary, ginger, and garlic.

Add fermented food to your menu

Live cultures are very good to the gut. I’m sure that when I mentioned fermented food, the first thing that came to your mind is yogurt. But before you panic buy a whole shelf of commercial yogurt, I have to break the bad news: most commercial yogurts are reeking with excessive sugars and artificial flavors.

If you want yogurt in your meals, I suggest Greek yogurt and other great alternatives. Kimchi and raw pickles are great picks together with fermented soy if you don’t have any allergies and intolerances.

You can also try kefir and kombucha but always in moderation. Feel free to mix fermented food with your meals to make weight loss fun.

Eggs are weight loss wonders

I want to end this list with a humble suggestion: eggs. Yes, this breakfast staple is considered to be one of the best weight loss foods. This is high in protein and guaranteed to make you feel full for long with very little calories.

In some days when I’m not in the mood for my oatmeal breakfast, I’ll switch to two hard-boiled eggs. I love putting a pinch of cayenne for added spice (I love spicy food!). This is only 150 calories in the making but I feel like I’ve eaten more than that.

Do you already know what to eat to lose belly fat in 1 week? Let me know below!

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What to Eat to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week? Burn Fats Without Getting Hungry!

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